May 19th, 2019

Generative Artistry

Some further reading that Matt suggested within the workshop was Generative Artistry — a website with recreations of well known generative works, where you can follow along step-by-step.

The images below are from following these exercises — trying my best to understand the algorithms that are working behind these things, I am definitely not a mathematician (I'm sure it would be helpful) but that didn't stop Manfred Mohr did it?

Tiled Lines 1 Tiled Lines 2 Tiled Lines 3 Joy Division 1 Joy Division 4 Joy Division 3 Joy Division 2 Cubid Disarray 3 Cubid Disarray 2 Cubid Disarray 1 Triangular Mesh 1 Triangular Mesh 2 Triangular Mesh 3 Un Deux Trois 1 Un Deux Trois 2 Circle Packing 1 Circle Packing 2 Hypnotic Squares 1 Hypnotic Squares 2 Hypnotic Squares 3 Hypnotic Squares 4