May 12th, 2019

Hi, my name is...

As you might be able to tell (especially if you're in the future and this site is still empty) — I'm new to this whole online journal/blogging thing. I thought the first entry should be to introduce myself for anyone who does stumble across this page and wonders who put it together, so here goes.

My name is Andrew — at the time of this posting I've been around for 25 years and currently live in Sheffield, South Yorkshire where I work as a designer at a studio called dust. I studied Graphic Design in Sheffield at the Sheffield Institute of Arts.

This blog (basically what it is, with a funky title) is the outcome of me learning react/gatsby and wanting a place to share things without needing to be on Instagram or Twitter all day. If I do keep this going you'll find that word learning used a lot, I jump from interest to interest, whether that's drawing and painting, design and typography or html/css/js development — what I find is they all seem to inform eachother as practices.